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Cost-effective Advice on Quantum Drafting

We provide fast, reliable and cost-effective advice on quantum drafting to solicitors and in-house legal teams across England & Wales.

We focus on ensuring that every draft meets our high standards. We are proud to be the most cost-effective way to outsource your drafting with a fixed cost structure that starts at just £50 for a draft advice on quantum based on a single medical report. We also guarantee delivery of a completed draft within 48 hours of instruction, making us the fastest, as well as the most cost-effective, drafting solution available.

Our drafts are provided in an unsigned format, ready to be signed by the instructing solicitor prior to being filed at court. Outsourcing your drafting with us is the perfect way to save significant time and money.


Each document is drafted to be exceptionally high-quality.

Your draft will begin with a clear and succinct discussion of the factual circumstances. The nature of the injuries and prognoses will be considered before reference is made to the latest edition of the Judicial College Guidelines and relevant comparator cases. The result is a thorough, clear and persuasive final draft that can be signed with confidence before being filed at court.


Low fees means increased costs retention for our clients.

Our fixed fee structure means that a draft advice on quantum based on one medical report is charged at just £50. This makes us the most cost-effective solution available on the market, and with our guarantee that there won’t be any compromise on quality.


Instruction to completed draft in 48 hours.

Once instructions are received, you can be confident that a completed draft will be delivered within 48 hours. We appreciate our clients need for expedience so, along with this swift delivery schedule,  we have also designed the easy to use instruction form to make the entire process as streamlined as possible. This way, we can save you time while we are saving you money.


Simple instruction with our online form.

We accept instructions however you wish to send them, by phone, by email to or most simply, using our online form. Simply complete the form, upload the medical evidence and we will get busy drafting your document. It’s that simple.

However we receive your instructions, we guarantee that you will have a high-quality, pragmatic and persuasive draft within 48 hours.